If you’ve heard of Finland, you know the things we like to brag about. Like the number of our lakes, the quality of our schools, or having the highest number of heavy metal bands per capita in the world. But there’s one awesome thing we’ve kept quiet about.

We really know how to have sex.

But now, we live in a time of restrictions, cancellations, and waiting. Oh boy, do we wait.​​ The whole of Europe is counting the days, holding its breath, abstaining from the biggest joys of life: the UEFA Euro games and shaking the sheets.

Sultan Conture is Finland’s most known condom, which is no wonder. Here, we don’t tend to be shy about these kinds of things. Sultan Conture can be found in any grocery store, convenience store, gas station or vending machine. Everywhere in Finland.

Made from natural rubber, Sultan is a perfect latex condom. It’s colourless, smooth and coated with a silicone-based lubricant. The best places to store Sultan condoms are cool and dry spaces, making Finland a perfect place to store them.

Sultan Ultra Thin is a condom that’s thinner than thin and ensures a natural feel. In these things, even the Finns want to be as close as possible. Ultra Thin is made with a unique technology that makes it odorless, transparent and much thinner, while maintaining safety. The condom is coated with a silicone-based lubricant.

Sultan Kookas XL is a very large condom, that is also suitable for them who find regural condoms to be too short or packed. Comfort is created by a longer and wider fit. The condom is also colourless, odorless and lubricated.

Sultan Ultra Glide is a water-based lubricant which effectively moisturizes intimate areas and increases comfort. Due to its unique formula, the lubricant is tasteless and odorless. The lubricant works especially well with Sultan condoms.

Great football is a lot like great pelehtiminen: It’s not about how much you score, it’s about the love for the game. ​

Being nude in front of other people is very natural to Finns

• Stressing about one’s body is very old-fashioned and comes across as intolerant and uptight to most Finns.

• The sauna. When it’s hot, it’s easy to stay cool about nudity. And in the sauna, it’s nothing to do with sex. Saunas promote natural well-being and a relaxed attitude towards being nude.

There are no fixed ideas about who should be in charge

• Finland doesn’t believe in hierarchies. It keeps things relaxed and informal, even in the bedroom.

• Anyone can take the initiative when it comes to sex. We also respect each other’s personal space.

Finland is a sparsely populated country with lots of places for loving

• About 2/3 of the country is covered in forests. It’s not very difficult to find privacy in here.

• There’s nothing as liberating as skinny-dipping during the nightless nights of midsummer.

• Winter darkness is a great reason to stay in bed all day – Light summers on the other hand give you a reason not to sleep at all.

There are no obstacles or awkwardness in buying condoms in Finland

• There’s no need to be shy about buying condoms in Finland. Adult toys, condoms and lubes have their own isle in the supermarket and are available pretty much everywhere.

• Suggesting a condom is considered responsible and good etiquette. And not a mood killer at all.

Finns get sexuality ed early on

• Early sex ed helps you appreciate and understand yourself and make better sense of the world and the way sexuality is represented in our culture.

• Knowing how everything works helps you avoid mishaps and makes you a better lover.

Sex is pretty safe in Finland, even if you do get knocked up

• Finland gives all new parents a free baby box full of stuff that new babies (or new parents) need. This is no joke.

• Both parents get to have their share of parental leave. Finland ranks among the best countries for moms.

Finns are the most active condom users in the nordics.
59 % of finns consider sex an important part of their lives.
Only 5% of nordic people think condoms make sex less spontaneous.

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Sultan, founded in 1967, is one of the most popular condom brands in Finland and Sultan Conture is one of the most known condoms in Finland. In addition to the condoms Conture, Ultra Thin and Kookas XL, Sultan's product range also includes Ultra Glide lubricant. Sultan is part of the Swedish organization RFSU that is an advocate for sexual education and safety.